Business forum website by the local government in Sakha has been hacked with surrender instructions uploaded for the mobilized conscripts

I have hacked a business forum website which is owned by the local government in Sakha where instructions are uploaded for the mobilized conscripts on how to surrender to the Ukrainian forces. Defaced page and the archive, while photos below are posted for your pleasure.

May the force be with you, always.

Statement regarding the shocking footage depicting the beheading of a Ukrainian soldier

It has come to my attention that the Russian Federation has devolved to a new low based on circulations of a shocking footage consisting of the beheading of a Ukrainian prisoner of war by Russian troops. I have therefore decided to do the following:

  • The revocation of Olympic Truce privileges against Russia in terms of cyber operations. This means that operations will still be carried out even during the Olympics.
  • As systems upgrade has by now been done, more major operations may be in order. However owing to long COVID, those will still be somewhat limited.
  • Joining forces and becoming part of NAFO (North Atlantic Fellas Organization), effective immediately.
  • Formal announcement of intention to seek a padawan under “Project Ahsoka” as a sidekick. Make no mistake it will be very slow.
  • Calling for any friends and followers who are still in Russia to leave it immediately, whatever it takes.

May the force be with you, always.