By today, I have been vaccinated

By today, I’m very pleased to tell you all that I have been vaccinated with the AZ vaccine, even though it’s just the first shot.

I may be experiencing the side effects such as muscle pains and headache now, but I’m not going to take the easy way out by taking painkillers. Rather, I’ll go through all the raw effects of such. Let it be known that it is my sole decision not to take painkillers rather than vaccine manufacturers if the side effects becomes too much.

I do not blame anybody for causing me to make this decision, except perhaps the corrupt elements within the CCP who had turned a preventable incident into a world disaster. Because of them the hail mary for both Hong Kong and Korea are forever lost; this is the very first thing to be affected by it from my point of view. Because of them millions of people had died and still counting.

The hail mary is limited to just Korea by now, but it is still the very best chance for them to make up for the colossal disaster.

With the decision of not taking painkillers, I’m not just doing it to satisfy my rage; I’m doing it to honor and cherish of the memories of those lives lost, the survivors who faced hardships, and of course the front-liners who fought with valiance.

May the force be with you, always.