ROBLOX: More details on Pinewood Builder’s #October20Coup

If you play ROBLOX more often like me the Pinewood Builders and its infamous computer core game will be very familiar to you.


Once upon a time, the game group has its own robust security forces to patrol the game from core-melters, weapons gamepass abusers and exploiters but since then the job has been given to an unreliable paramilitary hilariously calling itself “U.S. Secret Service – Computer Core Division” which has zero fucking connections to the real world’s namesake.


ROBLOX Wikia has given a lot of alleged details that the decline was caused by an event in October 20, 2017 when the “board of directors” of the game group decide to remove game owner/creator Diddleshot because of prolonged inactivity. (Section: October 20 events)

Instead, Diddleshot kicked out nearly all of the top levels from the group and most of the rest of the members followed them to form splinter game groups like “Hyptek”. The anti-exploit system of the game was removed (not the infamous Kungfu Fighting system –  it’s the “when you get building tools you get autobanned”), and Pinewood’s Discord server was closed down.

Curious to find out, I confronted one of the remaining loyalists at the core who claimed that the Hyptek splinter group has stolen the group funds and banned all of Pinewood’s official from the new Hyptek nuclear plant game. He directed me to a personal Discord server ostensibly to elaborate more but I went in touch with an insider who was among those being kicked out by the game owner instead.


The insider wish to remain anonymous so I’ll call him Mr John Smith here who told many details about the October 20 events. This is when I was given the pictures and footages about the incident.

Out of John’s wishes, I redacted some of the areas to protect him from nasty vendettas.



According to him the pictures above are taken shortly before and during the fateful October 20 meeting. Diddleshot was “not a good diplomat” and being silent when his removal was approved by vote. He then behave strangely and in the end the permissions of all those present were removed before the meeting concluded. They then being kicked out or left on their own volition and joined Hyptek which was wholly banned from entering Pinewood games because of murky “being raided by Hyptek” excuse.


He gave me a short video footage of that as a bonus. Here’s some stills.


Afterwards I confronted the Pinewood loyalist at the core once again but this time he squirmed about he never started the Discord server in the first place which lead to these visual footages. I had the screenshots of that too but that was irrevocably lost when I stored it on a laptop with failing hard drives which finally went out yesterday morning.

But then, Robloxians you’re good to go for confronting these remaining Pinewood guys up there on that. Red pill or blue pill? Decide for yourself.


May the force be with you.