By now, a booster dose has been taken

By now, I’m very pleased to tell you all that I have been boosted with a Pfizer vaccine. There is a slim chance that my past submissions to Eterna such as LEIA 6 ends up in the booster dose I’ve taken in any form.

As before, I elected to not take painkillers. But at the same time, considering the deteriorating situation in Ukraine please be aware that even though I have been out of the field of hacking for almost two years and counting ever since the pandemic began, in the event of a full-blown war in Ukraine, I reserve the option to pick up hacking once again and assisting Ukraine to defend itself against such invasion, with any means necessary or possible, whether it is easy or hard, active or passive, ordinary or extraordinary, popular or unpopular, and finally by myself or with others.

Transfers of expertise will be one of the examples of these. Following that, in the end as the war will be more likely a lose lose situation for all, I’d like to share my little idea regarding the ongoing efforts to peacefully resolve the Ukrainian War and perhaps Western-Russian tensions as a whole. Keep note that I had thought about the main part of this since the start of the war, and before the shooting down of the civilian airliner.

First, Ukraine hold a referenda to ask all of people whether to hand over the three occupied territories to a United Nations administrative entity. However, before this, a clear bona fide committal actions in defusing the tensions such as reduction or pullback of deployed frontline troops must be demonstrated by stakeholders such as Ukraine and/or Russia.

If the referenda is successful, then a United Nations peacekeeping force, consisting of Switzerland, and any other two nations that all sides could approve with, will enter the territories for garrisoning, up and including guarding their respective borders.

For Donbass, maybe the name will be UNODON (United Nations Operation in Donbass), or UNODOM (Donbass observation mission). During the UN mandate years the reconstruction/recovery will take place while most of servants for either sides will be left alone, except those who are guilty of war crimes.

The mandate period may take around 5 years, afterwards the 3 territories will be subjected to referendums, heavily monitored by UN, OSCE and Swiss monitors.

The selections on the second referenda will be:

1. Remain in Ukraine, without devolving any power to the said region(s)

2. Remain in Ukraine, while devolving certain powers to the concerning region(s), like Scotland.

3. Become Independent.

4. Join Russia.

In the event that those regions become independent states, they should remain neutral like Switzerland and not subjected to any external interference, especially Russia.

The implementation of the aforementioned Ukrainian peace plan up to the extent of at least the UN mandate stage or simply after the first referenda phase is crucial as a preamble for the fulfillment of some aspects of “TREATY BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION ON SECURITY GUARANTEES”, specifically Articles 3 and 6.

On a grander scale, I believed that some sort of Intermarium should be hitched between NATO and Russia. The member states of the Intermarium can join economic alliances like EU or “Eurasian Union” but their military must remain independent from both NATO and Russia. The Intermarium could act as a “peace through strength” buffer between the two, and may, in the most optimistic point of view, provide a window of resolution in terms of Article 1 and Article 4 of the proposed Russian treaty.

The so-called Intermarium, which was based on the original Polish idea, could include the following:

  • Belarus
  • Ukraine (should it remain united after the twin referenda above, or in case all of the three territories join Russia)
  • Armenia
  • Georgia
  • Donetsk (if it became independent after the referendums above)
  • Lugansk (if it became independent after the referendums above)
  • Crimea (if it became independent after the referendums above)

Furthermore, the ‘Intermarium’ may include Finland after all, in right circumstances. It can also be in the ‘GUAM’ format, where Azerbaijan and Moldova is included.

May the force be with you, always.