Operation Planet Doom Lite

I’ve engaged in the #PrintTheInternet campaign lately after reading about how HackerGiraffe exploits thousands of printers across the internet to print pro-PewDiePie messages, but this time I use it for something more important: the opposition of Article 13.


There are confirmed hits that came from a Canadian web developer and an American public library which emailed me about it, and on top of that a Korean user tweeted about it online.



Here they are, the source code for the python script responsible for all of that:

Printslaver (archive)

Unfortunately in doing that I have exhausted the last bit of my Bitcoins and Shodan credits and starting from few days earlier it crashes the VPS everytime I tried to run it at full cycle so I have to count on HackerGiraffe and his pal to spread anti Article 13 messages on my place instead. That doesn’t mean that I’ll give up easily; instead this operation is just a “lite” one and if everything’s goes right the proper “Operation: Planet Doom” would dwarf the sum of all exploits/hacks that I did up to this point.

The theme music for this operation:

I also changed the printers’ display to DELETEART13 and Shodan has a nice view of it.



May the force be with you.


Edit: Adding Shodan image.

An attempt to whack a Russian Ministry of Interior Affairs’ HP Printer with PRET

I’ve been attempting to use PRET.py¬†aka Printer Exploitation Toolkit to whack a Russian Ministry of Interior Affairs’ HP Printer by wearing out their NVRAM with the “destroy” command but there’s no luck as the VPS crashed in the process so therefore I’ve switched to a plan B wherein I just printed “PUTIN VOR PUTIN KHUILO” instead. Beforehand I briefly put up the #FreeAzovSeaSailors message.


May the force be with you.


Edit: It turns out that my NVRAM-whacking attempt initiated before the VPS crash seems to be successful.



Edit of the edit: I neglected to capture the moment of the original NVRAM write cycle loop that reached well over 5 million cycles that might’ve brought down the printer’s NVRAM before being fucked up by the VPS crash. You have my apologies for that.

May the force be with you.

#Greyhatting: Exposed Greek astronomical observatory controls

As the inactivity of the observatory’s owner means that a normal meaningful contact for white or grey hat notifications might not be possible therefore I chose to disclose the exposed controls of his astronomical observatory here in a partially obfuscated manner.


On the other hand yeah, that was me on these printers displaying “DELETEART13”.


May the force be with you.