By today, I have been fully vaccinated

By today, I’m very pleased to tell you all that I have fully vaccinated with two AZ shots.

As before, I elected to not take painkillers. At the same time, I have been informed of an open letter circulating around Reddit calling for more action to tackle rampant misinformation in relation to the pandemic.

Although I endorse and concur with the spirit behind the open letter, however I have to express a modicum of reservation based on the following two:

  • Discussions about the accidental lab leak hypothesis, which has gained serious mainstream consideration, would be collaterally impacted. In fact, we are still in the dark on whether it is a result of natural crossover, or that of accidental lab leak.
  • Any discussion about drugs or treatments that are still in preliminary stage of the research/development process or even haven’t started on it yet such as DRACO, EXO-CD24 and even those based on gene editing platforms like CRISPR and LEAPER might be collaterally affected.

I look forward to the authors of the letter in addressing my reservations. May the force be with you, always.

Press Release: Statement Regarding Afghanistan Situation

I am declaring the intention of non-recognition of the re-established Taliban regime in Afghanistan, due to reasons such as disapproval of their extremely-retrograde policies with regards to religious minorities, historical artifacts and chief among all, the female population. I want to emphasise that the Taliban of the present and the Taliban of the past (1996-2001) are not discernable between each other in terms of differences.

Moreover, I reserve the option to take custody of any accounts on the web that belonged to the now-former Afghanistan government by means that are related to cybersecurity, and to hand these over to any structures operating as an Afghan government in exile that can be relied upon.

May the force be with you, always.