Cyber Anakin’s statement on the worsening situation with respect to the ongoing Hong Kong protests

For the past few days I’ve been closely following up and monitoring the Hong Kong protests aiming to oppose the amendment of the extradition law that would de facto allow any Chinese extraordinary rendition attempts in Hong Kong.

Since the situation has escalated further with the death of a protester who committed suicide (RIP) and reports of Chinese army troops movements into Hong Kong, I wish to make clear the following:

If the Chinese PLA garrison in Hong Kong brutally suppressed the peaceful protesters like what happened in Tiananmen 30 years ago, I will initiate “Operation Dark Phoenix” wherein I will use tools like Metasploit and ISF to fuck up as many Chinese SCADA systems ranging from Modbus up to perhaps IEC 60870-5-104 as I can found of without mercy and as long as I wish.

It is therefore both in my interests and that of the rest of others to see that the situation will deescalate peacefully as soon as possible and all sides come together to find a fully satisfactory political solution with regards to the extradition law amendment.

May the force be with you.