Cyber Anakin’s response to the assasination of Kim Jong Nam


It has been reported that Kim Jong Nam, a half brother of dictator Kim Jong Un, has been assassinated by two North Korean agents in an airport.

In response to this, I hereby declare that the servers and entities of China and North Korea is now included into a target list for my black hat hacktivist/cyberwarfare campaign. Previously the list included only Russia and DAESH.

Why China? They abetted and aided the NK dictatorship, they even send back refugees from NK. Period.

Do note that ROC Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao is not included since they are governed by de facto separate entities. Only the PR China is targeted.

The NK dictatorship has been abducting citizens of South Korea and Japan who were forced to work for the autocratic dictator. Shin Sang Ok and Choi Eun Hee is a prominient example of this.

They even bombed Korean Air 858. This is downright savage, unacceptable, inexcusable, barbaric, terroristic, pathetic, and sickening. I see no difference between Kim Jong Un and DAESH at this time.

I call on the Jester and the Anonymous to do the same as mine. The savage dictatorship has to go!

May the force be with you.