Ceasefire notice (CN,NK)

The pace is rapidly developing for so much resulting in my post on how to solve both crises at Hong Kong and North Korea end up publicised on the media by the Anonymous collective. Now it’s showing signs that the idea is slowly seeping into political circles based on this.

Hence it has come to my decision that I’ll be holding off any hacktivist cyber attacks against China and North Korea for an indeterminate period. That’s to allow what were talked about on that post to take root and fully bloom into a viable solution that brings both the crises to a peaceful resolution. In fact the reason on why I put China into my target list at the first place is mainly about North Korea.

Let’s give peace a chance and see how it will go on from now. Furthermore it would be a bit unfair to target Trump since an impeachment inquiry is going on now and I don’t want to disrupt that, apart of giving peace a chance in respect to Hong Kong & North Korea.

I hope the peace plans worked out as expected and the ceasefires become permanent.

May the force be with you.