Roblox Pinewood Computer Core Third Code

So, I had recently took up exploiting activities at ROBLOX. Mostly I would make my presence known first by trolling others using nasty commands in the DLL exploit tools I downloaded from the Internet or even playing my pwned music.

You may say that I am relaxing there with exploiting.

While I was exploiting Pinewood Computer Core, I have unexpectedly got a lot of information that every ROBLOX player at the game wanted and asked for.



It confirmed many people’s speculations that the third code is used for meltdown, blast doors and shutdown server.

Next, here’s pictures confirming Mr_Pointer is Diddleshot.


ROBLOX wikia moderators and everyone else should take note of this particularly. 20 digit third code.


So that’s it for Roblox fans at Pinewood computer core, it will take a goddam lot of years to crack that 20 digit code.