Cyber Anakin’s announcement on the success of #DeleteArticle13 of July 5

Dear all,

As we have learned today the EU parliement has killed Axel Voss’ Article 11 and 13 which would threaten the internet ecosystem with its controversial internet filters and mandatory link taxes by kicking those back to the drawing board. I would like to warmly congratulate all EU Citizens and MEPs who has managed to stand up and fight for the Internet for the past few weeks.

I sincerely hope that this would serve as a lesson for all and I’m looking forward to see any sensible alternatives that’ll guarantee both the rights of the copyright holders, internet platforms and the rest of you as a whole to be brought up in the EU committee.

The battle is not over yet as the pressure must be maintained for MEPs to introduce sensible amendments to the copyright law on September 10th.

May the force be with you.