The ‘LEIA 6’ in Eterna

Before that, there’s something else.

In order to obtain Roblox’s Space Sailor’s 3 days challenge badge one has to maintain an uninterrupted 72 hours connection to the game after clicking the option to go to the Moon.

After many tries I was the first to obtain Space Sailors’ three day challenge badge.

Let my one small step be everyone’s one giant leap. I dedicate this leap on behalf of USAF Space Force* and the USMC 2nd MD*, for all the patients and medical front line personnels fighting COVID-19. With this leap I also want to thank Dr. Shepherd Iverson for authoring the wonderful Reunification Investment Fund plan to save Korea in the first place. Thank you all for making this happen!

Though, the asterisks denote that these are just Roblox groups rather than actual ones in real world.

But, that’s not the end of it, since that one day I learned that some of my solutions at Eterna had been synthesized in actual labs and one of them LEIA 6 has gotten a perfect score in terms of the game’s specifications.

All I did was to put multiple ‘GATTACA’ into the sequence as a homage to the movie. Now it is going to have a decent chance of ending up in actual vaccines which you and I be administered with.