My middle finger to the Taliban

During the fall of Afghanistan I had salvaged some cloud files through the Ministry of Education’s web accounts that were vulnerable to hack. I downloaded those files before changing the accounts’ password altogether to prevent Taliban from getting over it.

Those files contain personal information of former Afghan government workers and those of UNICEF.

Initially I had wanted to transfer these files to any remnants of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, such as their embassies or consulate overseas. However, after asking around I was recommended to approach the US government instead.

Then I had tried in vain to reach out to Department of Homeland Security and the State Department through email in order to transfer the files and hopefully expedite the asylum process of the people whose personal information are in there, until one day I found a site by the latter that lets anyone report information about fugitives. It contains a file uploading function which suddenly made this task seemed more easier:

Now I have successfully transferred the files to them; there are hurdles nontheless which for me would be comparable to Jyn Erso sending the Death Star plans to the Rebel Alliance through the antenna in Scarif.

Afterwards, the files were deleted securely from my computer.

Henceforth, this shall constitute a middle finger from myself and Anonymous to the Taliban due to all sorts of human rights abuses from the latter ever since they seized Afghanistan.

May the force be with you, always.

We are Anonymous.

We are Legion.

We do not forget.

We do not forgive.

Expect us!

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